Paurl Walsh is a composer, engineer, producer and musician based in Seattle, WA.

Paurl graduated from Cornish College with a degree in Classical Composition and Electro-acoustic music.  He is an active composer of electronic music, modern classical chamber music, music for dance and theatre, and experimental rock.  Writing and performing throughout the US, Canada, and Europe, he has been a core member of the experimental performance art/music groups Degenerate Art Ensemble, Implied Violence, and St Genet. He founded experimental hardcore band X-Ray Press, electronic pop group Rainbows, electroacoustic duo Medina/Walsh, and solo electronic act Trying. He has scored many stage works for choreographers and theater artists such as Kyle Loven, Ezra Dickinson, Peggy Piacenza, Paige Barnes, Paris Hurley, and PE|Mo.  He also runs ExEx Audio, a creative recording studio centered around working collaboratively with artists to help them better express themselves through sound.


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